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Reverend Dick and Judy Miller believe in miracles! They believe God to see things happen! We believe that together we can help others who are temporarily in need of assistance and can benefit from our ministry. Our slogan is "Feeding the Multitude on Faith and a Few Loaves and Fishes." We have thought about this ministry for years, but only recently we decided to "get out of the boat" and get things done. Our Lord is able to do abundantly above all that we say or ask! He only asks that we go into all the world and minister His Word. With Loaves and Fishes Food Ministry we have begun to do just that! "[Jesus] Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, He gave thanks and …they all ate and were satisfied." (Matthew 14:19,20; Mark 6:41,42; Luke 9:16,17)

Monday, August 1, 2011


loaves and fishes Food Ministry
A   Ministry of Fellowship of Faith Ministries, Ltd.

120 Cheyene Circle         
Cosby, TN 37722                                                                                                           

                                     Feeding the Multitude on Faith and a Few Loaves and Fishes             
Loaves and Fishes Food Ministry is a non-profit, non-denominational religious (church) organization founded and operated by a handful of people in our community who recognized the growing hunger needs of people in the Eastern Tennessee Region.  We are enlisting the help of local religious congregations and community organizations to respond to the growing hunger problems in our region by partnering with us to help us with food donations to feed the needy, ill,  elderly and children of East Tennessee.

This is our mission: To provide a week’s worth of nutritional groceries to people in our area facing economic hardships.

We are asking our partnering churches and organizations to sponsor food drives within their congregations and among their members to help us with this endeavor. No donation is too small or too big! Once the Food Drive is over you may contact us to arrange delivery of your collection.

 Loaves and Fishes Food Ministry relies heavily on your donations of food. We accept any edible food except that which has not been processed commercially. We can use the following items:
1.      Any non–perishable food in cans, boxes or bags
2.      Perishable food in good condition.
3.      Frozen food
4.      Fresh fruits and vegetables in season.
5.      Baby formula and food.
6.      Toilet paper
7.      Diapers (Infant and adult)
8.      Cat and dog food.

We do not receive government support and we rely heavily on your monetary donations as well.  In the coming days we will provide our partner agencies with more information on how they may help. We look forward to addressing the nutritional needs of all people at risk for hunger. We are dedicated to eliminating hunger in East Tennessee as well as providing a spiritual environment for all those seeking our help.

People will be referred to Loaves and Fishes Food Ministry by clergy, human services agencies, medical providers,  school counselors and individuals who see first hand those who struggle in our communities.

A crisis situation such as a medical emergency, job loss, reduced hours, or even a major car repair can cause a client to have to make a decision between paying the rent and buying food. The elderly are often unable to get out for food, so we want to be able to provide emergency and supplemental food to seniors across our area. We want to provide for shut-ins by delivering food to them.

Hungry people who are provided food by Loaves and Fishes Food Ministry are never charged anything. Eventually we will be providing a schedule of dedicated dates for our food delivery and pick-up. Once we have initially stocked the pantry, we will begin our food distribution.

We will be looking for a building to use as a Food Distribution Place in the near future. For now, we are seeking willing Churches, organizations. businesses and individuals to help with food and monetary donations.

We will also need volunteers; so if you feel this is something you would like to do, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Attached to this letter is a list of foods that carry high priority if you aren’t sure what is needed.

We look forward to the challenge we have before us and together we can be a part of

“Feeding the Multitude on Faith and a Few Loaves and Fishes”

Once again, God does not ask us about our ability, but our availability.

God bless you!

Reverend Dick Miller
Loaves and Fishes Food Ministry

Loaves and Fishes Food Ministry


Canned Items

Beans – any kind, kidney, navy, pinto, pork & beans, etc.
Baby Food
Peanut Butter
Meat, canned – any kind plain or with noodles, Spam or Corned beef
Beef Stew
Fruit Juice-any kind, bottled, canned or frozen
Dry Items
Cereal, box or bag, also baby cereal
Macaroni & Cheese, box
Dry Milk
Muffin mix, box or bag
Cake Mix
Pudding Mix

Refrigerated Items

Meat- fresh or frozen

Non-Food Items

Toilet paper
Diapers and Wipes-Adult and children

Other personal items, such as toothbrush, deodorant, etc.

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